The CCRI of Coir Board has developed a Mobile Fibre Extraction Machine named ‘SWARNA’ which can be transported to places where the availability of husks. This will help to overcome the scarcity of coir fibre.
The traditional coir industry in the state of Kerala is facing an acute crisis of fibre shortage. For some time, it has been depending on the green husk fibre the major part of which is brought from the neighbouring states. The industry feels that there is an untapped stock of husks in the rural areas from where collection of husk is difficult and on-site defibering is not possible. Therefore there is a need to develop a mobile fibre extraction machine which could be taken to the remote villages so that unutilized husks from such areas could be tapped and fibre could be made available to the Coir Industry.


A metallic handloom “ANUGRAHA” has been developed to make it suitable for the women workers to be first time engaged in the weaving work for earning better wages. The technology has been transferred to 12 machinery manufactures.


ANUPAM” loom developed by CCRI during 2006 has been found to be versatile to weave all types of mats, matting and carpets. The loom is pneumatically powered and suitable for women workers.
Anupam loom, a pneumatic semi-automatic loom was designed and fabricated in the year 2006 by the Coir Board. The loom can produce all types of coir products like mats, mattings, and carpets etc. It has been designed especially for women workers to operate conveniently. The first prototype was subjected to performance trials in the Hindustan Coir and a second prototype was fabricated with further improvements.
The initial cost of fabrication of Anupam loom was around Rs.165,000/-. However, due to sudden increase in the prices of raw materials the cost of fabrication of Anupam loom will be now around 250,000/-
The National Coir Research and Management Institute (NCRMI), Govt.of Kerala has decided to take the technology from Coir Board on payment of Rs.50,000/- for popularization in the state of Kerala, where there are an estimated number of 20,000 handlooms. National Research Development Corporation has provided an amount of Rs.500,000/- for fabrication of 3 Anupam looms, however, they have been informed that due to escalation of costs of raw materials, it would be possible to fabricate two Anupam looms only. The looms will be transferred within 3 months and put for performance trials at CCRI, subsequently; those will be transferred to two clusters as per the decision of the Board.
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