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publicatn1 Publication : Natural Coir Geo-textile
Type: Video CD
Applications of Coir Geo-Textiles.
publicatn1 Publication Directory of Coir Exporters
Useful directory of Exporters of Coir products and Export statistics
publicatn1 Publication Wonder fibre
Type: Video CD
Documentary on Processes, Products, etc
publicatn1 Publication Ideal Geo Textiles
Type: Video CD
Coir Geo-textiles manufacturing, application, uses
publicatn1 Publication The Golden Fibre
Type: Video CD
Fibre, Properties, Machines, Special products
publicatn1 Publication Coir is Green Business
Coir Story, Coir Board, Directory of Manufacturers and Exporters
publicatn1 Publication Coir Export Manual
Type: A Handy Guide
publicatn1 Publication Coir News
Type: Magazine
Containing Trade informations, events, Technology developments and other useful information on Coir Industry.
Subscription rate (Single issue) Rs. 60/-
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