On this Earth There is Enough For everyone’s need But not for their Greed

Mahatma Gandhi

Vigilance Cell in Coir Board is an integral part of the organizational structure. Vigilance Cell in Coir Board primarily focuses on the preventive vigilance and aims to bring it in synergy with CVC’s objectives. The vigilance ensures that the prevailing guidelines and instructions are complied with at all levels. For this goal, Vigilance aims to sensitize each and every of its employees to the concept of accountability and transparency and to make them aware of the Rules and Regulations, so that their conduct is in total unison with the socio-economic objectives of Coir Board.

The Vigilance Cell believes in adopting an approach of proactive vigilance with constant endeavor to promote awareness and education on anticorruption measures, simplification of rules and procedures, plugging loopholes in the system and to promote a culture of honesty and integrity in the organization. As the punitive aspect of vigilance is an extremely sensitive issue for all concerned, the Vigilance Cell takes this aspect with utmost sincerity and advises the Disciplinary Authority after substantive deliberations and due diligence within the Vigilance Cell.

Vigilance Cell in Coir Board is headed by Chief Vigilance Officer (Part Time), assisted by a team of officials. CVO acts as a link between the organizations like CBI, CVC etc. on Vigilance matters.

Vigilance Cell earnestly requests you to e-mail suggestions for improvement in systems and procedures relevant to the Organization.

Vigilance Cell will be pleased to address and attend any of your complaint containing any element of alleged corruption, malpractices and misconduct etc. involving any staff and officials of Coir Board.

Dr.(Mrs) Sanghmitra, IRPS

Chief Vigilance Officer (Coir Board)
Office Tel. : 022-2671 2564 – KVIC, Mumbai
Fax : 022-2671 4066 – Mumbai
Email : cvo[dot]kvic[at]gov[dot]in

Vigilance Cell

Coir Board Head Office
Coir House, M.G.Road, Kochi-682016, Kerala
Tel: 0484-2351900
Email: vigilance[at]coirboard[dot]org