Chairman’s Message

Coir,the Natural,Indian,Versatile,Golden Fibre,extracted from the coconut husk, and used for making a range of Live-in-Style interior décor, products to protect the mother earth etc. really weaves the life of over half a million people along the coastal belt and rural regions. Coir Board hand-held the coir industry during the last six decades and is steering it to a more vibrant future, through a metamorphosis.
The developmental activities and policy interventions of the Board falling in line with foresight of a most dynamic Prime Minister of our country will stimulate the faster development of coir industry in all coconut producing states. The proliferation of the coir industry to non-traditional areas have eventually contributed to the rural employment generation and gender empowerment. The Board is still going ahead with novel ideas and untiring efforts for developing a healthy domestic market for coir.
In the export market also in order to cope up with the emerging challenges of globalization and liberalization and also amidst the competition from allied fibre products, the Board has constantly been undertaking promotional measures and monitoring the export performance of coir and coir products. Such sustained emphasis on export promotion activities has helped a lot and the export of coir is showing an increasing trend every year.
Through this information portal of Coir Board, we are trying to reach you, all information on coir, the processing aspects, the wide array of products, the research and development efforts going on this industry, the schemes and services of the Board to the industry and the trade in a simpler and quicker way truly in accordance with the vision of the new government at the centre. I hope the information being rendered through this portal will satiate all those who access this portal.

I wish all the stakeholders of coir industry and the trade all success.

Shri C. P Radhakrishnan(Ex. M. P)
Chairman Coir Board