• Claims from the Apex Societies, Central Societies, State owned Agencies and Corporations, the claims will be settled on the basis of the audited accounts of the preceding three years. The beneficiary organization shall submit their claims to the concerned State/ UT Govern-ment who in turn will submit the claim in the prescribed proforma alongwith the supporting documents mentioned therein to the Coir Board. The claims should the accompanied by the documentary proof of matching share released by the State/ UT Government, Comprehensive / General Utilization Certificate etc.
  • While preferring the claims through the concerned State/UT Government, the beneficiary organizations shall submit a comprehensive utilization certificate to the effect that the assistance received under the scheme during the preceding year was utilized exclusively for the approved purposes as stipulated under para-3 above. This undertaking should be countersigned by the State/UT Government authority designated for the purpose.
  • In the case of Primary Coir Societies the assistance claimed by the individual Co-operative Society shall be submitted to the State/UT Government who in turn shall submit a consolidated claim in the prescribed proforma with the recommendation on behalf of all eligible Primary Societies through the designated competent authority.
  • The beneficiary Primary Society shall submit a Utilization Certificate to the State/UT Government to the effect that the assistance granted during the preceding year was utilized exclusively for the purposes prescribed under para 3 above. The State/UT Government shall accordingly submit a consolidated utilization certificate on behalf of all the Primary Societies through the competent authority designated for the purpose.
  • The concerned State/UT Government have to evolve suitable mechanism to collect the claims periodically from the Societies for being consolidated into half yearly/ annual basis so as to prefer the statement of MDA claims in time.
  • The disbursement of central share of the MDA would be subject to availability of funds in the annual allocation for the purpose to the Coir Board.
  • On receipt of fund allocation from the Ministry, the State-wise allocation will be released in advance on a quarterly or half yearly or yearly basis subject to availability of funds earmarked for Plan programmes and limiting to the State-wise allocation of central share of MDA. The concerned State Government should monitor the Utilization of the assistance as per the MDA guidelines.
  • The concerned State Government should settle the on account payment made during a particular year in the first quarter of the succeeding year by providing Utilization Certificate in the manner as prescribed in the guidelines. Further release of MDA by way of on account payment during the subsequent year would be considered only on settlement of the payment made last year.
  • Along with preferring the Utilization Certificate relating to a particular year an estimated claim for the next year will also be indicated so as to enable the Board to release the On Account Payment of MDA on that basis.