Domestic Market Promotion is one of the major functions envisaged under the Coir Industry Act � 1953, Under the Scheme the Board is undertaking various measures for popularizing coir and coir products and expanding the domestic market. The following activities are undertaken by the Board for the purpose.

I Establishment and Maintenance of Showrooms & Sales Depots.

For Improving the market of coir and products within the country and preventing unfair competition the Board is maintaining 30 showrooms and 2 sub depots in potential towns in the country. The Coir goods being sold through the Board’s showrooms & SalesDepts are supplied by various small scale manufactures, co-operative Societies and Govt. Units on consignment basis, thus helping the m to market their products

II Participation in Domestic Exhibitions

To popularize Coir and Coir Products and boosting up the sales through the Board’s showrooms the Board is participating in important exhibitions all over the country.

a. The MDA is linked with the sales performance of the concerned beneficiary organization and aims at providing incentives of better performance. The objectives of the Scheme are:

1 To Promote the sail of coir and coir products manufactured by the co-operatives and Public Sector Enterprises committed to payment of minimum wages and other obligatory benefits to the coir workers and there by encouraging sustained production and better employment opportunities.
2 To provide financial support on a continuing basis round the year to the co-operatives and public sector Enterprises who undertake market development programme in coir.