Group Personal Accident Insurance Scheme for Coir workers


The coir processing activities such as extraction of fibre, spinning of coir yarn and manufacture of coir rope, finished products involve drudgery, strain and hardships.  The workers engaged in processing of coir with the aid of machineries and equipments are prone to minor or major accidents at work site and elsewhere.  In such cases, the insurance of the workers was not taken care by any of the existing welfare schemes being implemented in the Coir Industry.  The insurance scheme which was introduced by Coir Board for coir workers with effect from 01.12.1998 has been renewed periodically.    The Scheme will provide succor to the legal heir of coir worker who meet with accidental death and compensation to coir workers who sustain permanent total disability or permanent partial disability. 

The Insurance Scheme was renewed by doubling the
existing assistance and by providing assistance for
finger cut etc. w.e.f. 01.12.2005.  Now,
the Coir Workers Group Personal Accident Insurance
Scheme is renewed for a further period of one year
w.e.f. 01.12.2010 with the United India Insurance
Company Ltd., Divisional Office, M.G.Raod, Kochi-682016.

The details of the scheme are as follows.


  • This Insurance Scheme will cover 4 lakhs coir workers all over India.

  • Coir worker means any person who is employed for wages to do any work in connection with the various processes in coir industry and who gets his wages directly or indirectly from the employer, dealer or producers of coir products and includes any person employed by or through a contractor or through an agent and depends mainly on coir industry for his livelihood.

  • The coir worker may be self-employed, employed in the organized coir industry working in the organization of any of the recognized body or unrecognized body but identifiable by the Coir Board as being a bonafide coir worker.

  • Coir workers aged 14 years and above engaged in the industry (no upper age limit) are covered under the Insurance Scheme.

  •  If there arises a question as to whether a person is a coir worker or not for the purpose of insurance coverage, the decision of the Chairman, Coir Board shall be the final.


  • The cover provided is only for accidental death and disability.

  • This policy shall provide financial compensation to the disabled coir worker or nominee of the disabled / deceased coir worker.

  • The accident is defined as death or disability caused by any external violent and visible means.  Drowning, snake bite, automobile accident, poisoning, falling from tree, lightning, murder etc. are some of the accidents coming under the purview of the policy.

  • Any claim other than detailed above will not come under the purview of the insurance scheme.

1. Accidental death

2. Permanent total disability

a. Loss of two limbs/two eyes

b. Loss of one limb and one eye


3. Permanent Partial disability

a. Loss of one limb/one eye


Provision for finger cut

Depending upon the finger  and limited to applicable    percentages of capital sum .

The full amount of premium to the Insurance Company on behalf of 4 Lac coir workers will be paid by Coir Board.
How to apply for the claim
In the event of an eligible admissible claim, the claim form should be submitted through the following officers of Coir Board authorized for the purpose:
Authorized Officer Jurisdiction
The Regional Officer,Coir Board,

No.5, Alagappa Lay – out,

Venkatesa Colony, Pollachi – 642001

Tel/Fax : +91-4259-222450

E-mail: coirpollachi[at]vsnl[dot]net

Tamil Nadu, Lakshadweep,Andaman & Nicobar Islands,


The Regional Officer,

Coir Board, Swaraj Nagar.A.C. Gardens

Rajahmundry-533 101

Andhra Pradesh, Orissa,Assam, West Bengal,

Tripura and North-Eastern States

The Regional Officer,Coir Board Regional Office,

 “Manorajini” T.C.9/1821 Sankar Lane SRL-C36,

Sasthamangalam,  Trivandrum – 695 010.

Phone: 0471-2312124

Kannur ,Kasargod, Malappuram, Kozhikode

The Regional Officer,

Coir Board, No. 8, Annex Building,

Cunningham Road, Bangalore – 560 052


Phone : 080 – 2268538

Karnataka, Maharashtra,Goa and Gujarat.
The Senior Inspector,COIR MARK SCHEME,

Coir Board, Alleppey – 688 001

Phone: 0477 – 2245325

Alleppey, Kottayam and Idukki districts of Kerala
The Assistant Director,Coir Board, NCT & DC,

Kalavoor, Alleppey – 688 522

Phone : 0477 – 258067

Quilon, Trivandrum and Pathanamthitta districts of Kerala

The Deputy Director,

Cooperativisation, Coir Board,

P.B. No:1752, Cochin – 682 016

Phone: 0484-2351807, 2351788, 2351954, 2354397

Fax: 0484 – 2370034

All other districts of Kerala not mentioned above
1. Accidental death

1.  Death Certificate

2.  Police Report/FIR

3.  Post-Mortem Report wherever available

4.  Identification of beneficiary, Certificate issued by the Coir Society/Unit/ Establishment/ Nominated officer of Coir Board.

2. Permanent Total Disability (PTD)

1.  Police Report/FIR

2.  Disability Certificate from a Reg. Medical Practitioner.

3.  Identification of beneficiary, Certificate issued by the Coir Society/Unit/ Establishment/ Nominated officer of Coir Board

3. Permanent Partial Disability (PPD)

1.  Police Report/FIR

2.  Disability Certificate from a Reg. Medical Practitioner.

3.  Identification of beneficiary, Certificate issued by the Coir Society/Unit/ Establishment/ Nominated officer of Coir Board

Application form
for Accidental death Click here

Application form
for Disablement Claims

Click here

Application forms and other details, if any, can be had from the above offices.

Settlement of Claim

The claim will be settled by the
insurance company on receipt of the claim with required documents from the authorized officer of the
Coir Board in the Head Office  in Kochi.  The compensation received from the Insurance Company will be forwarded to the Beneficiary’s address under intimation to the authorized officer of the Board.